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Re: Men and Longevity

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  • Judith Greer
    David Lloyd Jones, in questioning Dr. Minaker s explanation for the relative ... in their systems before the teens of the 20th century?
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2000
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      David Lloyd Jones, in questioning Dr. Minaker's explanation for the relative
      increase in the longevity of women since the early 20th C., says:

      >> Does this stupid man think that women didn't have estrogen

      in their systems before "the teens" of the 20th century? <<

      The point which Dr. Minaker apparently left out of his analysis was that the
      equivalent average longevity of women and men prior to the second decade of
      the last century was due almost entirely to women's deaths in childbirth or
      from debilities brought on by "excessive" childbearing. Thus, it was only
      when the number of of those relatively early deaths declined (hello, Margaret
      Sanger) that the estrogen protection factor in women's later years could make
      any impact on the statistics.


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