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  • Jim Buck
    Forget Wikipedia! There is now a new scholarly resource which exposes the reader only to knowledge that has been Fascist Corrected (FC)
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1 2:25 AM
      Forget Wikipedia!  There is now a new scholarly resource which exposes the reader only to knowledge that has been Fascist Corrected (FC)

       Here is a typical FC entry from the new Conservapedia:

      'Baraminology is the study of baramins, also known by the Biblical term kinds.

      A baramin is a lineage of earthly life which is believed by creationists to be created by God during the Creation Week, and corresponds in some functional aspects to the secular concept of species. However, unlike species concepts that are based on Darwinian thinking, the baraminic barrier is inviolable, as baramins do not change into other baramins.

      Baraminology, as a model of origins, complements the Linnaean taxonomic system, which is also based on the Biblical view of origins. Baraminology is seen as an alternative to the evolutionistic system of cladistics, which is not compatible with Linnaean taxonomy. '


      Jim Buck

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