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  • Steve Reiss
    One of the 16 desires is honor, which connects people to their heritage. In Why My Father Was a Mets Fan, I addressed the puzzling question of why people
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2002
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      One of the 16 desires is honor, which connects people
      to their heritage. In "Why My Father Was a Mets'
      Fan," I addressed the puzzling question of why people
      root for a loser. My father stuck with the Mets in
      the 1960s, even though it was a rare day when they won
      a game. They were so hopeless that we rooted for the
      opposing pitcher to walk our players. Routine fly
      balls were an adventure for the outfielders. The Mets
      often contended for 9th place in a field of 10, and
      they only missed their mark by one place in most
      years. Then they won the World Series. As the NY
      Times quoted an astounded New Yorker, "First we landed
      a man on the moon. Then the 7:40 Long Island RR made
      it to the city on time. Now the Mets are in the

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      > --- In evolutionary-psychology@y..., Steven Reiss
      > <sreiss0410@y...> wrote:
      > > results suggest it is about status. The popular
      > > spectator sports (football, basketball, baseball)
      > Now, wait a minute, we're talking about football, or
      > as they say in
      > the US, soccer. Nothing compares! The local sports
      > here in the US are
      > remarkably tame compared to the fire and devotion
      > involved in soccer.
      > Americans love to play their sports, but have
      > absolutely no experience
      > with the nationalism and regionalism involved in
      > soccer, which indeed
      > - it has been said many times before - is war by
      > other means.
      > Today, the President of Senegal has declared a
      > National Holliday. All
      > kids are staying out of school. Why? Because the
      > Senegalese team upset
      > the French.
      > Please, some Europeans or South Americans on the
      > list, help me out
      > here, because Americans just cannot discuss men's
      > soccer as if it is
      > another sport. The New York Times had several pieces
      > about the
      > difference last weekend: it is obvious that soccer
      > needs to be treated
      > very differently than the sports that Americans
      > play. It is still a
      > long time off that the US team will be able to
      > compete in soccer, but
      > if and when this happens all those other sports will
      > be forgotten.
      > And do read "The Soccer Tribe."
      > -- Frans de Waal

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