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Re: [evol-psych] 'Why do people hate Jews?

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  • Peter
    ... Deep down, I don t think it was Jews European people didn t like, but circumcision, it seems to make males like money more than sex. Alan Sugar is
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      On Sunday 27 May 2012 19:42:02 you wrote:
      > http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2149734/Why-people-hate-Jews-Shockin
      > g-GCSE-religious-studies-question-set-Britains-biggest-examinations-board.ht
      > ml 'Why do people hate Jews?'
      Deep down, I don't think it was Jews European people didn't like, but
      circumcision, it seems to make males like money more than sex. Alan Sugar is
      on record for saying he prefers making money to making love.

      One of the prime causes of the diaspora was the Roman emperor Hadrian, when he
      banned circumcision, we know from genetic studies, that we are all closely
      related, after all we are over 98% genetically the same as chimpanzees, so
      what separates us as human beings is cultural practises, not genetics.

      The bit that is excised contains around 20,000 nerve endings that plumb into
      our ancient limbic system, my hypothesis is that, it don't change the
      individual that much, but collectively changes society.

      I started thinking about this subject, after watching Michael Moore's
      documentary 'Bowling for Columbine' where he makes the point that gun
      ownership in Canada, approaches gun ownership in the US, yet gun crime in the
      states is far higher, why? So I started digging around in nationmaster as
      regards national statistics and male circumcision rates and this caught my
      eye. The majority of men are circumcised in the following nations.
      http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Circumcision-(male) Afghanistan,
      Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Cameroon, Chad,
      Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Iran, Iraq,
      Israel, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Madagascar, Malaysia,
      Maldives, Mali ,Mauritania, Nigeria, Niger, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar,
      Republic of the Congo, Samoa,Tonga, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South
      Africa, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia,Turkey, Turkmenistan,
      United States of America, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu and Yemen.

      In the 18th century the Huguenots were persecuted in France, so thousands and
      thousands of them came to Britain, now over two hundred years later, they seem
      to have vanished, well they did not vanish really, they just became Brits

      In their wanderings the Jews never truly integrated with the cultures they
      came amongst, this set up, in group out group situations. In group out groups,
      are caused by all sorts of things, language, accents, colour of skin, I
      suspect, that the us, not us, response is very ancient and emanates from the
      limbic system in terms of neurotransmitter production, inasmuch as 'yuck I
      don't like him, he has green skin with purple blotches'.

      Jews were persecuted long before the holocaust, this had a selection effect,
      the weak ones never survived, and good survival genes were selected for, and
      because of the non integration, inbreeding happened, magnifying the frequency
      of those genes but at a high cost of happiness caused by centuries of abuse.

      Alienation is a powerful force in psychology, I have a friend who because of
      phimosis and ignorance, was done when a youngster not a baby, talking about it
      to him and he said something interesting. When using the bathroom at school,
      instead of using the urinal like the other lads, he would use the stall, in
      case the other lads teased him, for being different.

      It is my hypothesis, that with, arguably the greatest chess player ever, Bobby
      Fischer the reverse happened. Fischer's mother was Jewish and there is good
      evidence that his father was Jewish also, here is the kicker, Fischer was not
      circumcised, one can imagine him being teased in the locker room, for being an
      anteater. This accounts for Fischer's somewhat odd behaviour, in hating Jews
      and hating America, back in 1972 with the western world at his feet, he
      shunned the limelight and became a recluse, turning down millions he could
      have earned with product endorsement in the process.

      The first rift between Princess Diana and the British royal family was over
      circumcision, she would not let them circumcise William and Harry, so they
      could be like their father, this raises the fascinating question, as to why
      were the British royal family circumcising their males? I suspect it was
      Disraeli who managed to persuade Queen Victoria, that evolution had got it
      wrong, when it endowed human males with a foreskin.

      And before anyone starts accusing me of antisemitism, it is possible I am a
      quarter Jewish, further more, four of my favourite men of all time were
      Jewish, namely Spinoza, Einstein, Fischer and Bob Dylan.



    • artemistroy
      You can start here: Jewish population losses in the German sphere of influence during the World War II
      Message 62 of 62 , Jun 4, 2012
        You can start here:

        Jewish population losses in the German sphere of influence during the World War II


        Did Six Million Really Die?
        By Richard E. Harwood

        For RKS who doesn't believe this:

        One of the most important aspects of the Red Cross Report is that it clarifies the true cause of those deaths that undoubtedly occurred in the camps towards the end of the war. Says the Report: "In the chaotic condition of Germany after the invasion during the final months of the war, the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims. Itself alarmed by this situation, the German Government at last informed the ICRC on February 1st, 1945 . . . In March 1945, discussions between the President of the ICRC and General of the S.S. Kaltenbrunner gave even more decisive results. Relief could henceforth be distributed by the ICRC, and one delegate was authorised to stay in each camp .

        "The ICRC complained that obstruction of their vast relief operation for Jewish internees came not from the Germans but from the tight Allied blockade of Europe."



        --- In evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com, "Anna" <pantheon@...> wrote:
        > So, how would you do it? By forceful sterilization or extermination? Selective breeding requires one or the other. There are no other options. But then, how it would differ from Nazi programs?
        > What data for Jewish population do you have?
        > Anna
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