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RE: [evol-psych] Rape of males etc

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  • Cynthia Sears
    A friend of my husband s is currently in prison. I was talking with him on the phone a few weeks ago about male rape in prison, simply out of curiosity, and he
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2001
      A friend of my husband's is currently in prison. I was talking with him on
      the phone a few weeks ago about male rape in prison, simply out of
      curiosity, and he asserted that it's not really a sexual act. He told me
      that in prison, you must always trade, and if anyone gives you something for
      free they will always ask for a favor in return. If you have nothing,
      somewhat like indentured servitude, you must give your body. He likened the
      situation to pack animals like wolves or dogs, that the act of male rape in
      that context is an act of dominance, and a show to the other animals that
      you are dominant and so on.

      He also mentioned that the dominant prisoner also gave the victim a certain
      measure of "protection" from being victimized by other inmates. Again, not
      mainly for sexual gratification.

      Personally, I think the male-male rape dynamic is an entirely different

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      > Paul Okami's assertion "Moreover, men cannot be raped. That is a perverse
      > concept stretching and politicization of the term "rape" which is defined
      > a crime by men against women." is questionable, as acceptance of this view
      > may lead to researchers ignoring important and relevant data for political
      > reasons. Which there is quite enough of around already. :-) A "sexual
      > assault" as defined in the laws of the countries we mostly live in
      > definitely can be done to a male, and an assailant could be charged by the
      > police with one or more crimes commonly understood as "rape" regardless of
      > the victim's gender or the assailant's.

      As I have said numerous times in the postings of the previous few days,
      what's wrong with calling it "sexual assault" "forced sodomy" etc.? The
      only reason for calling it rape is politics. The political points being
      made are as follows:

      1) Men and women are the same
      2) Sexual assault against men is ghastly, equal to rape of women

      I suggest that people who belive these things (and I believe #2), should
      just come out and say so. There are so many, many aspects of the crime of
      rape not present in male on male sexual crimes that we are in danger of
      losing an important term --as with the term "incest"--by applying it to men.
      This is the opposite of politicization. It is scientization.

      Paul Okami

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