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Re: [evol-psych] Settling The Soy Controversy $$; "Straightedgers" ...

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  • yanniru
    A personal data point: Beg to differ, soy products have always caused severe pain in my chest. I was taking a certain supplement for years, it was
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 1, 2010
      A personal data point:

      "Beg to differ, soy products have always caused severe pain in my chest. I was taking a certain supplement for years, it was reformulated probably in the past two years to include soy.

      I hadn't noticed till I developed the breast pain. Stopped the supplement immediately.

      Went to the Dr. since I suddenly developed a 'lump'.

      Received a diagnosis of breast cancer on Wednesday."

      --- In evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com, Robin Whittle <rw@...> wrote:
      > Hi Cage,
      > Further to what you wrote:
      > > The author, Neal Barnard, is the founder of a vegan advocacy
      > > group: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physicians_Committee_for_Responsible_Medicine
      > >
      > > It does not seem from the Wikipedia article or a brief perusal of their
      > > web site that he takes a particularly balanced view around certain
      > > dietary policies.
      > a comment recently added to the Huffington Post article:
      > http://www.huffingtonpost.com/neal-barnard-md/settling-the-soy-controve_b_453966.html?show_comment_id=41229298#comment_41229298
      > states:
      > Umm.....this is written by a soy lobbyist. Check this out:
      > http://activistcash.com/organization_overview.cfm/o/23-physicians-committee-for-responsible-medicine
      > Often appearing in a lab coat, PCRM president Neal Barnard looks
      > the part of a mainstream health expert. He also churns out a
      > steady stream of reliably anti-meat and anti-dairy nutrition
      > research. Although his "results" generally conclude that a vegan
      > diet (practiced by a tiny fraction of Americans) will solve any
      > of dozens of health problems, the mass media eats them up. And
      > PCRM is media-savvy enough to take advantage.
      > But Barnard was trained as a psychiatrist, not a nutritionist.
      > His nutritional advice boils down to one basic message: don't eat
      > meat, or anything that comes from animals. PCRM has complained to
      > the Federal Trade Commission about advertisements that depict
      > milk as part of a healthy diet. It petitioned the government to
      > slap meat and poultry with a "biohazard label," adding in its
      > newsletter that eggs should carry these dire warnings as well"
      > Follow the money.
      > OK - but what is "activistcash.com"? It is run by the "Center for
      > Consumer Freedom", and the Wikipedia article includes:
      > The forerunner to the CCF was the Guest Choice Network, which was
      > organized in 1995 by Richard Berman, executive director of the
      > public affairs firm Berman and Company, with $600,000 from the
      > Philip Morris tobacco company,[2] "to unite the restaurant and
      > hospitality industries in a campaign to defend their consumers and
      > marketing programs against attacks from anti-smoking,
      > anti-drinking, anti-meat, etc. activists ..." According to Berman,
      > the GCN mission was to encourage operators of "restaurants, hotels,
      > casinos, bowling alleys, taverns, stadiums, and university
      > hospitality educators" to "support [the] mentality of 'smokers
      > rights' by encouraging responsibility to protect 'guest
      > choice.'"[3] Philip Morris donated $2.95 million to GCN between
      > 1995 and 1998.[4]
      > The Guest Choice Network argued against restaurant-related
      > initiatives from environmental, animal rights and anti-alcohol
      > organizations[5] and straightedgers, including arguments that
      > restaurants should be allowed to maintain smoking sections.[6]
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