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95300Re: [evol-psych] Is Free Will an Illusion?

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  • zdeluce
    Sep 10, 2009
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      IMO there is no such thing as free will.. A creation is oncapable of what its creator endowed it with.. which is reaction to certain stimuli and only particular reactions.

      Although all is rigedly fixed, it is fixed in such a way which "appears" to allow for a vague, minute degree or definite type of latitude & this latitude  most resolute! Sort of like a dog chai­ned to a pole, it can  roam around  to some extent howev­er its miniscule domain is speci­fic & thus set! This scenario can  but infer that while cert­ain "set" options­ are possi­ble others are not. It is this fixed "liberty" which  many  confuse  with free will. I must con­tend that  various alter­na­tives & choices  "might" be open if only cer­tain  ones. I believe there "might" be some  lati­tude in  a beings life & that being may be given, say, five  choic­es  &  it's  most  "probable"  that  it's been prede­ter­mined which  choice  he  will  make but never-the-less he's  given  a choice, if  you  choose  to  call it th­at. Lets assume for the sake of argu­ment that someone knows you  better  than you  know your­self & that someone  rounds up five mem­bers of the  oppo­site  sex, all rela­tively  good look­ing & charm­ing however  different as day & night. I staunchly believe  it can be  ascer­tained  before­hand, prior  to your  ever having layed eyes  or  ears  upon them, which one, above  the  others, will  cap­ture your fancy! This once again is  what  is confu­sed with free will. Free in a limit­ed  fash­ion as the possibi­lities are fixed & in  cer­tain situa­tions  one has a choice  be­tween  two evils & must choose  between  the  lesser of them but how does one know why or even what makes them choose what they do? They might  choose  to  believe that they  rea­soned it out but then again why do they then reason the "only" one way that they do? Six of one, half a dozen of  another & wolfs howl at the moon?


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      No Sonny, the answer is yes. All you have to do is understand that there is no determinism anywhere in the world because of quantum random effects. Thus the actions of any organism cannot be completely determined by external influences. Greatly so sure, but completely so impossible.


      If this is so then the individual can not predict the outcome of quantum random effect either, so they are not free either.  If you can't control (predict) your own behaviour then you are not free.

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