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83356Re: Helen Fisher: Re: [evol-psych] Re: Wealthy men don't give women more orgasms

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  • Helen Fisher
    Feb 25, 2009
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      HI Julienne,
      > I noticed that you said that the "Builders" were seratonin driven, and the
      > "Directors" testosterone based.
      > Are the "Negotiators" the estrogen driven, and the "Explorers" - dopamine?

      Yes. Although I also include oxytocin with estrogen, and norepinephrine
      with dopamine, only because when I look at the data, these dual systems code
      for related traits. For example, estrogen has long been associated with
      nurturing in many animal species, and oxytocin is now associated with
      feelings of trust and attachment, traits that are often related to
      nurturing. And oxytocin is produced by estrogen. There's a lot to all this
      and I am afraid I can't write it out here. But...
      > Is that right? And do you have a moment to explain these a little?

      I really go into this in my recent book, WHY HIM? WHY HER? I also have just
      submitted an academic paper which really explains these neural systems, but
      I will need to send that to you after it is accepted. I apologize.

      But thanks for your interest. Helen.
      > Thank you...
      > Julienne
      > At 08:07 AM 1/31/2009 -0500, Helen Fisher wrote:
      >> I agree with you, Julienne, human beings are "spectacularly complicated
      >> and wonderful." I have been pouring over all the material on mate choice
      >> for years now, and I outline much of the current and past data in my new
      >> book, WHY HIM? WHY HER? I am just about to submit the academic paper on
      >> this. So I won't go into the details, but I have data on 40,000 people,
      >> via the internet dating site, Chemistry.com. What a wonderful tool the
      >> internet can be. But just in response, thanks for mentioning the ABC
      >> piece to our group. And happy trails. Helen.
      >> On 1/31/09 5:43 AM, "Julienne" <julienne@... <mailto:julienne%40nep.net>
      >> > wrote:
      > <Snip>


      If your email is returned to you, please use my other address:

      Dr. Helen Fisher, Research Professor
      Dept. Anthropology, Rutgers U.
      Office: 4 East 70th Street
      New York City, NY 10021
      Tel: (212) 744-9870
      E-mail: HelenFisher@...
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