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75942Re: [evol-psych] Re: Women's bare flesh in winter 'a bigger turn-on for men'

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  • Robert Karl Stonjek
    Oct 3, 2008
      > Francine wrote:
      > > Backing-off is a
      win-win for the guy.
      Jeremy Bowman
      > What if he wants to have sex with the woman? What if he
      backs off on
      > that particular occasion, hoping for less ambiguity on a
      > occasion, but she tragically gets run over by a bus five minutes
      > later?
      Borat had this problem solved.  In his folksy Kazakhstani way,
      upon seeing an attractive lady, he would say "Very nice.  How much?"
      At least there was no ambiguity...A number of women preferred to get run over by a bus than 'date' Borat.
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