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75929Re: [evol-psych] Women's bare flesh in winter 'a bigger turn-on for men'

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  • Julienne
    Oct 2, 2008
      You remind me of my friend's little 3 year old who kept taking off his pants -
      but he grew out of it.

      You're not talking about how you're dressing - you're talking about not
      dressing at all. Most men these days, unless on a nude beach, when hanging
      are either a tad mentally challenged, or being aggressive. Women are likely to
      clear out.


      At 08:03 PM 10/2/2008 -0400, Edgar Owen wrote:
      >You don't understand the sexual politics. It's OK for women and
      >homosexuals to wear provocative or skimpy clothing because they have the
      >sexual power in western society. Straight men would be arrested for
      >dressing that way.
      >Girls Rule!
      >On Oct 2, 2008, at 10:40 AM, Francine A. Burlingame wrote:
      >>"bowmanthebard" wrote:
      >> > I find that waving my unclothed manhood around in the Irish drizzle
      >>is "cool and comfortable". It gives it a bit of a wash too -- but no
      >>sexual message is intended!
      >>It sounds like something I would do if I had the "bits and bobs" for
      >>it. But, like short skirts, it could send the wrong message and it
      >>irritates your "significant other". (grin)
      >>"Keeping it cool" on a hot day is good for your sperm...in case you
      >>have procreative sex on your mind later in the day.
      >>It is a mystery to me why men wear tight jeans and leather pants when
      >>protection against accidental injury isn't an issue. Going "commando"
      >>in soft, loose pants seems the saner choice.
      >Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and
      >conscientious stupidity. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.
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