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75877[evol-psych] Re: Women's bare flesh in winter 'a bigger turn-on for men'

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  • Francine A. Burlingame
    Oct 1, 2008
      I wasn't clear in my post. I meant to point out that the observer
      (e.g., a young man looking at a photo, a person entering a coed dorm,
      etc.) learns to evaluate the actor's intentions by examining the
      context in which the action takes place.

      Young women can be very naive about the effect of their scanty outfits
      on young males....which leads to a lot of misunderstanding and chagrin
      on both sides.

      After a few embarrassing misassumptions, young men learn that a clear
      signal indicating a heightened interest in a sexual encounter can only
      be (somewhat) safely assumed if a young woman's brief clothing is
      significantly more brief than the norm for a given situation/context.

      Best Regards,

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