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71506RE: [evol-psych] Moxon on TV

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  • Zaphod Beeblebrox
    Jun 2, 2008
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      Traditionalist-Conservative dystopias were/are brought to us, courtesy of the  utopianists who did/do not know that they did/do not know what these fantasies would have/have brought to us.



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      > Robert Karl Stonjek wrote:
      > > 
      > > Thus although I and others have pointed out that prostitution has a
      > > substantial dark side and others have imagined some sort of sexual
      > > utopia, it is true that if the government stops turning a blind eye
      > > and regulates the industry that outcomes much closer to the utopian
      > > than the bleak can be expected.

      H.M. Hubey:

      > You are

      ignoring the infamous "opportunity cost" effect. This is what
      > you have now. You do not know
      > what this will lead to. These conditions are obtained because of the
      > different conditions under which
      > these girls are/were raised. The next generation will be raised under a
      > different set of conditions.
      > If your view is that sex should be just like food, to be sold, and
      > bought or like burger-flipping which
      > can be rented, and that family life and future humans would be better
      > off for it, you should at least
      > decently tell us so, or else be explicit that you do not know to which
      > dystopia this will lead.
      > Nazi and communist dystopias were brought to us, courtesy of the
      > utopianists who did not
      > know that they did not know what these fantasies would have brought to us.


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