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71454[evol-psych] Re: BBC was Non-science like astrology unlawful in the UK unless pu

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  • bowmanthebard
    Jun 1, 2008
      Wade wrote:

      > Unfortunately for your argument, unlike "insects"
      > "politically correct" does not have a tight
      > scientific definition.

      Political words such as 'liberal' and 'conservative' generally don't
      have tight scientific definitions, which helps to explain why they are
      so often used wrongly, or at least have sloppy popular usages.

      To the best of my knowledge, the term 'politically correct' was
      originally used as a euphemism for being prepared to toe the Bolshevik
      Party line.

      Like most euphemisms, there's a sinister irony to it, as someone who
      was not "correct" was not simply considered "a bit silly" for being in
      error, but a suitable subject for severe penalties, even death.

      Personally, I think it sounds a bit silly when the left use it against
      the right -- like child who has been called stupid replying "YOU'RE
      stupid!". That's because at the moment, the left is consideranly less
      tolerant of dissenting opinion than the right. Internal intolerance
      explains the endless splits on the left, and the apparent need for the
      "affirmation" of agreement. It's the left who are censoring forms of
      expression at the moment, not the right. (If you diagree with this,
      please give examples!)

      I'm on the left, by the way, as far as fiscal policies (etc.) are
      concerned, but the rest of the left would drop me like a hot potato. I
      couldn't give a hoot about staying "onside" on any issue at all, and
      I'll call a spade a spade, especially if I'm told not to.

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