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58932Re: [evol-psych] Question to Mark Hubey. Female sacrifice in Bible.

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  • Julienne
    Oct 6, 2007
      At 09:33 AM 10/6/2007 -0400, Mark Hubey wrote:

      1) Maybe they had female liberation back then too
      2) He said "the first person"(...)

      So now the story can be understood in a more sophisticated mode, e.g.
      everyone can be sacrificed (e.g. war)
      for the good of the whole (e.g. nation). We have gone back to
      sacrificing young males again. IT was tried again
      in modern Israel (drafting females and sending them to the front) and
      they gave up on it very quickly. For one
      thing, if the opposing fighters knew they were fighting females they
      refused to give up no matter what, so they
      caused even more problems. First there was the shame of surrendering to
      females, then there was the fruits of victory if they won!

      There are U.S. females being murdered in this attack
      on Iraq.


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