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56327Re: [evol-psych] Warfare as suicide

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  • Phil Roberts, Jr.
    Aug 6, 2007
      Irwin Silverman wrote:

      > On Sun, 5 Aug 2007, Phil Roberts, Jr. wrote:
      > (I.S. wrote)
      >>>E.O. Wilson put it this way:
      >>> " Human beings are consistent in their codes of honor, but
      >>> endlessly fickle with reference to whom the codes apply.
      >>> The genius of human sociality, in fact, is the ease with which
      >>> alliances are formed, broken and reconstituted, always with
      >>> strong emotional appeals to rules believed to be absolute (On Human
      > Nature, 1978, p.163)"
      >>And yet, most of us would agree that the codes of honor of
      >>the Nazi's were less honorable than those of most modern
      >>cultures. There seems to be a standard over and above
      >>the specific codes that guides us.
      > Like all nations' codes of honor, the Nazi's stressed loyalty to
      > the state, obedience to leadership, territorial defense, personal sacrifice,
      > courage, etc. I believe that the Nazi example makes Wilson's core point - that
      > so-called codes of honor can be and are regularly distorted to justify all
      > manner of evil.
      > I.S.

      You see no moral distinction between the "honor" of those
      who sacrificed personal interests to create the Nazi death
      camps (e.g., the SS) and the honor of those who saw them and
      and the moral code that led to them as evil and in
      need of destruction (e.g., the liberating G.I.s)?

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