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56200Re: [evol-psych] Warfare as suicide

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  • Irwin Silverman
    Aug 3, 2007
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      On Thu, 2 Aug 2007, Phil Roberts, Jr. wrote:

      > In this view, the moral ideals that underlie most human
      > conflict is not so much an adaptation as a
      > maladaptive byproduct of the evolution of rationality.
      > Is this pretty much a non-starter as far as
      > you are concerned?

      I'm with you on the need to identify with something larger than
      self. I am a great fan of Erik Erikson's analysis of the travails of
      adolescence in these terms. I don't go along, however, with the
      "maladaptive byproduct" notion. Our so-called moral ideals are a large
      part of our politics and competitive nature. E.O. Wilson put it this way:

      " Human beings are consistent in their codes of honor, but
      endlessly fickle with reference to whom the codes apply. The genius of human
      sociality, in fact, is the ease with which alliances are formed, broken
      and reconstituted, always with strong emotional appeals to rules believed
      to be absolute (On Human Nature, 1978, p.163)"
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