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56158Re: [evol-psych] Warfare as suicide

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  • Julienne
    Aug 2, 2007
      At 12:37 AM 8/2/2007 -0400, Haci-Murat Hubey wrote:
      >Circa 1970s I talked to a Turkish friend. He had a letter from a friend
      >who talked about something that happened to someone in the military during
      >the Turkish involvement (invasion?) of Cyprus. Some poor kid tried to run
      >and the sergeant shot him. He was laughing. They do not like cheaters.
      >In Joseph McCarthy's book, he lists the reasons. From 1722 to 1822
      >Turks/Ottomans lost 5 million dead, had 5 million refugees during wars;
      >Crimea, Caucasus, Bosnia, and the Balkan wars. Circa 1930 the population
      >was 13 million. If you multiply by 20 you get 260 million, about the size
      >of USA. That means that the US would have lost 100 million dead and would
      >have had 100 million refugees. During WW2 they deported the Armenians
      >fearing the same thing would have happened.
      >Someone has to do the fighting, and people die. They are convinced they
      >have to fight to survive. It has always been a job for young males because
      >they make the best killers.

      They are just the most physically strong. Their
      brains are not yet fully formed, and they are
      at a stage where they want to prove they are
      "men". The governments, the rulers, the true
      killers, play on this age/developmental
      vulnerability, and send these young men off
      to war to act out the mental illnesses of the
      killer leaders.

      As long as we keep teaching "someone has to
      do the fighting", that will be true. But
      that old brain attitude is dying out. We
      do not HAVE to fight...and we do not have
      to kill people. American soldiers and
      Australia, sent to WW 1 and 11 didn't think
      they had to fight or die - they went to help
      others who were dying. The governments appeal
      to the best in these people to encourage them
      to sacrifice. Further, just in case they don't
      want to chuck their lives away, there are laws
      which punish them for refusing to fight, and
      plenty of people ready to kill them if they
      refuse to fight - at the very least to shame
      them for "cowardice". Look at how this illegal
      Bush regime cries that people who disagree with
      this war are "not patriotic", "not supporting
      the troops", cowards, etc. The hypocrisy and
      lies in this can be seen in the way the
      government itself doesn't support the troops:
      they send them to die, they send them in
      inadequate armour, they overwork them with
      grossly extended "tours of duty", and they
      give them inadequate health care - some
      given pain killers for PTSD and sent straight
      back into action.

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