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56147Re: [evol-psych] Warfare as suicide

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  • Haci-Murat Hubey
    Aug 1, 2007
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      Irwin Silverman wrote:
      > On Wed, 1 Aug 2007, Julienne wrote:
      >> But it would seem clear to me that such sacrifice is not
      >> selected by everyone - and more people do NOT choose it
      >> than choose it.
      > True enough, when the sacrifice involves forfeiting or risking
      > one's life, but the mechanisms of group selection require that just some
      > members of the aggregate possess this tendency - enough to give the group
      > a competitive edge (often by sheer intimidation, as in the case of youth
      > gangs, terrorist organizations, and guard bees)

      Circa 1970s I talked to a Turkish friend. He had a letter from a friend who talked about something that happened to someone in the military during the Turkish involvement (invasion?) of Cyprus. Some poor kid tried to run and the sergeant shot him. He was laughing. They do not like cheaters.


      In Joseph McCarthy's book, he lists the reasons. From 1722 to 1822 Turks/Ottomans lost 5 million dead, had 5 million refugees during wars; Crimea, Caucasus, Bosnia, and the Balkan wars. Circa 1930 the population was 13 million. If you multiply by 20 you get 260 million, about the size of USA. That means that the US would have lost 100 million dead and would have had 100 million refugees. During WW2 they deported the Armenians fearing the same thing would have happened.

      Someone has to do the fighting, and people die. They are convinced they have to fight to survive. It has always been a job for young males because they make the best killers.
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