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54322Re: [evol-psych]do animals 'know'?

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  • George Parrish
    Jun 3, 2007

      What does the concept of stages imply that is different from sentience quotient?

      George Parrish

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      From: Michael Lamport Commons
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      Think of it in terms of what they understand. Stage 0 is for computers and plants. They do not perceive in a generalized manner nor flexibly respond. Stage 1 is for single celled animals. They can sense in relatively specific terms compared to more complex animals but they generalize. They also act is somewhat more flexible ways than robots and plants. They may respond to pain reflexively or tropistically. They cannot coordinate there actions and perceptions in a way senstive to outcomes. Stage 2 is for multicelled animals. They can coordinate actions with stimuli in a flexible way. They learn and hunt or browse selectively. But they cannot reflect on those experiences. They also are senstive to pain and can learn to avoid. At Stage 3, animals have concepts. They can reflect on pain. One might say they have concisouness.

      Michael Lamport Commons.

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      >Truly, how can we know if they are conscious. I feel terrible guilt
      >over killing bugs. I only kill ones that are in the house that may
      >be a danger. For example ticks or bees and wasps I can't shoo out. I
      >still feel badly about it.
      >Just because they don't think like we do, they do have the urge to
      >find food, mate, and stay alive. I remember a few summers ago there
      >was a spider, harmless type, in the corner of my shower. She was
      >guarding her brood of little spider babies. It was so touching to
      >watch. any spray drop of water upsetting the web/nest, she was in <Snip>
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