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47652RE: [evol-psych] Article: Women Are Diagnosed With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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  • pjnegro@pol.net
    Nov 30, 2006
      What about Darfur? Another fabrication? How many family members must be
      killed so to improve orgasm?

      The irony of Moxon statements is that there are real problems for man,
      such as a lower lifespan, less funding for prostate cancer research, and
      all the obscene wars that drafted young kids since the first blade was
      forged. The statements, shock value transvestited as EP, convey such
      misogyny (i.e. hatred, dyslike, or mistrust of women) that obfuscate
      legitimate issues. There are many more things in common between man and
      woman than differences, including investment in offspring, emotional
      bonding, intellectual interests. Regards, PJ Negro (one man among
      millions who never daydreamed about being raped)

      > Steve Moxon wrote: > ....women often have orgasms in rape....
      > Do you mean, like . . .those tens of thousands of girls and woman that
      > are raped in ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Rwanda and Armenia and
      > Eastern Germany/Poland at the end of WW II and in China by the Japanese
      > and (no point in going on here) . . .those preadolescent and
      > postadelescent and pregnant women and postpartum women and old women as
      > well as the mature women who were serially raped by 10 or 20 men before
      > or after they were beaten and perhaps stabbed or shot to death . . .like
      > . . .they were having orgasms? That would explain how all those African
      > women come by all those untreated anal fistulas.
      > Or are you just talking about the average, garden variety rape between
      > friends here in the U.S. where sexual assault is more of a romantic
      > interlude and bad sex sometimes pisses off a woman so bad she reports it
      > as a rape?
      > Sorry, but someone has to puncture this idiotic bubble. Shame on all
      > youse arch intellectuals who can't get off your statistical parsing
      > asses long enough to call a spade a spade.
      > Not all rapes are equal, eh? There's such a thing as daydreaming of
      > being ravished . . .and then is RAPE. Yes, there are physical as well
      > as emotional damage that is done by rape. Unwelcome intercourse
      > definitely creates physical damage. Aren't there any grown men on this
      > list with a lick of rational sense?
      > Geez, no wonder I gave up posting on this list a long time ago.
      > Dana Sitarzewski (One woman among millions who never daydreamed about
      > being raped.)
      > <http://geo.yahoo.com/serv?s=97359714/grpId=1292538/grpspId=1705083474/msgId
      > =47620/stime=1164923922>
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