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42842Re: [evol-psych] Article: Fear Circuit Flares As Bipolar Youth Misread Faces

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  • Leif Ekblad
    Jun 1, 2006
      > The left amygdala and related structures (yellow area
      > where lines intersect) are part of an emotion-regulating
      > brain circuit where children with bipolar disorder showed
      > greater activation than controls when rating their fear of
      > neutral faces.

      This only seems to confirm my view that bipolar isn't
      a separate condition. Problems with nonverbal communications
      is central to the autism-spectrum, and interpreting facial
      expressions is an important part of nonverbal communications.
      Therefore, there seems to be a large overlap between the autism
      spectrum and bipolar. Other things that seems to confirm this
      is similarities to AD/HD. Even if the activity-patterns of
      AD/HD and bipolar are on different time-scales, they
      could still share the same etiology.

      These differences are compatible with inheritance of
      a different set of facial expressions that is not
      fully compatible with the majority in our species.

      Leif Ekblad