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  • Ralph L Holloway
    Sep 30 7:16 AM
      On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, Roy Sugarman wrote:

      > Hi
      Interestingly, Black children score higher than White children in South
      Africa on most measures until ab about school going age, after which the
      balance tilts in the other direction, mostly a sign of the poorer quality of
      education: in private schools, with equal opportunity, this change doesnt
      exist and the results are equal for both groups. There is still some
      inequality in Afrikaans-English kids though. In the 50's, Afrikaners scored
      two standard deviations below their white English speaking South Afican
      counterparts, but after the 70's when television came to South Africa, the
      difference shrank slowly to half a sd. Its culture more than brain, and more
      importantly, modernisation.

      Perhaps I am missing something here, and if so, my apologies. My
      understanding is that in addition to a somewhat shortened pregnancy time
      for people of African descent (about 5-7 days earlier than in Asian/
      European descent), the sensorimotor development of African children is
      simply faster. When one considers that African brains bear the same
      metabolic costs as brains from European or Asian descent groups, it makes
      sense to regard advanced maturation of the nervous system as a positive
      adaptation in regions of high heat stress, i.e, tropical conditions. The
      brains still function well in most social/ enironmental challenges, and
      reproduction is clearly not selected against. The downside, perhaps, and
      it is a strong perhaps, is that the brain matures faster in peoples of
      African descent which may make advanced learning more difficult for some
      part of the normal distribution of maturation. Have I got these basic
      facts wrong?


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