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  • Ralph L Holloway
    Sep 1, 2005
      On Thu, 1 Sep 2005, Fred Weizmann wrote:

      > As you indicate, Jerison specifically stated that his formula was not
      > applicable to humans. However, that has not stopped people from using it in
      > that way, often with misleading results. In a 1991 study Phil Rushton used a
      > correction formula in a comparative study of Asian and non-Asian military
      > recruits. Using this correction, Rushton found that the average cranial
      > capacity of a sample of 24 large male samples of East Asian military recruits
      > was 1460 ccs, compared with 1446 ccs for 20 comparable European military
      > samples. However, as Reed and Jenson pointed out, the actual unweighted mean
      > cranial capacity (unweighted because Rushton treated each sample as a single
      > observation) for the Caucasian samples, prior to applying the corrected
      > version of Jerison's formula, was actually larger than that of the East Asian
      > samples.

      In 1980, I published a re-analysis of the danish brain weight data in Am.
      J. Phys. Anthro., specifically to show the range of variation in one very
      large sample of these derived encephalization coefficients. In our recent
      2004 book, I show just how variable these EQ's are, not in human, but also
      ape samples. The human sample had reliable body weights, and I tried
      partial correlations, made no difference as I recall. I cannot underline
      enough, that these EQ's are meaningless if used within-species.

      Ralph L. Holloway
      Dept. Anthropology
      Columbia University
      NY, NY 10027
      Fax= 212-854-7347
      Web Page www.columbia.edu/~rlh2
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