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37961Re: [evol-psych] Re: Re: IQ tests

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  • O'Dea
    Sep 1, 2005
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      Charles Murray:

      I don't know anything specifically about this case, but two quick points: (1) the relationship of brain size to IQ has to be adjusted for body size in all cases, whether comparing men and women or Homo sapiens with Homo floresiensis. (2) The relationship is a gradient, not binary. Dr. Gee was refuting a "whole idea" that no one holds (to my knowledge).
      Julian O'Dea: Why must there always be an adjustment for body size?  I have never understood the force of this argument. Larger is larger, isn't it?  That seems to be the argument being put by Prof. Lynn here:
      “Men have larger brains than women by about 10 per cent and larger brains confer greater brain power, so men must necessarily be on average more intelligent than women.”
      No-one comparing male and female muscular strength would think it necessary to "adjust" for body size.
      As for the intelligence of Homo floresiensis, as I pointed out at the annual meeting of the Australasian Society for Human Biology last year, parrots and other birds are proving to be surprisingly intelligent despite their small brain size.  Presumably it is a matter of efficient packaging.
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