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  • commons@tiac.net
    Jul 30, 2005
      That is my argument for why hominids have pair bonding.  As soon as our ancestors stood up, if there were 2 children who could not run or could not fend, then two parents would do better than one.  There would also be more food.  Yes I know men eat more.
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      I hesitate to reply, as a thousand stones seem to fall on my head when I do, but if a mother’s interest is her child, then isn’t it in their (the mother’s and the child’s) interest that a male stay around and help provide for those children.


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      Ed Stand wrote:

      What's the evidence that "for thousands of years marriage was set up 

      to benefit men more than women"?  This in a book entitled The Myth of 



      An interesting question for evolutionary psychology is why such 

      nonsense can become so prevalent.  Perhaps competition among males 

      for females in the EEA has created in men fear of offending women and 

      fear of women's relational hostility.  That fear may be justified in 

      some cases.  Yet its intensity among intellectuals is striking. Is a 

      good explanation that male intellectuals are much more vulnerable to 

      female hostility than males less concerned about social reputation?



      I'd suggest that it depends on what you mean by that problematic word, "marriage" and how many "thousands of years" you have in mind. If you're talking about Helen Fisher's "marriage," which is presumably universal and existed in the EEA, then I'd say you're right to reject that. But if you're talking about post-agricultural "marriage" (a more accurate use of the word, as I argue elsewhere today), then I'd say that this sort of Old Testament marriage was, in fact, skewed toward the interests of men -- due to the simple fact that it was (and is) based upon a perceived need to ensure that the children resulting from that union were the man's. The only way to do that would have been to completely control the sexual behavior of the woman, of course. So, I'd say that she's right that "for thousands of years marriage was set up to benefit men more than women," but not for tens of thousands, which seems to be how you read it.




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