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3664[evol-psych] Re: Mind virus could give us shopping bug

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  • Jerrod Hansen
    Mar 31, 2000
      Sent: 31 March 2000 05:27
      Subject: Re: [evol-psych] Mind virus could give us shopping bug

      The link didn't work for me, but I tracked down the article. Marsden
      is blatantly lifting Doug Rushkoff's ideas about media influence, and
      his grasp of social psychology is weak. (He claims to get a whole
      group of people staring into the sky simply by planting one person
      staring into space. This result is dependent on the number of initial
      cohorts and relies on an actual object, not empty space).

      For those interested in Rushkoff's ideas, his books Media Virus
      (1996) and Coercion (1999) detail his thoughts about media virus and
      his reaction to the embracing of the concept by advertising agencies.

      "ian pitchford" <ian.pitchfor-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/evolutionary-psychology/?
      > Mind virus could give us shopping bug
      > Tracy McVeigh
      > Sunday March 26, 2000
      > It may prove to be the most successful new selling technique the
      > world has ever known. The 'mind virus' is the latest form of consumer
      > brainwashing.
      > A mix of psychology and Internet technology, the aim is to create
      > epidemics by feeding the right information, or virus, into someone's
      > Once implanted, it can make the most useless of gadgets seem
      essential, the
      > most unnecessary accessory irresistible. It is a money-spinning dream.
      > That is the claim of psychologist Paul Marsden, who believes he can
      > businesses to trigger shopping crazes for their products.
      > Full text:
      > http://www.newsunlimited.co.uk/observer/uk_news/story/0,3879,151154,0

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