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27897Re: [evol-psych] Darwin and providence

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  • Michael Lamport Commons
    Nov 2, 2003
      Ask yourself the following questions and ask others. Before there where
      humans, was their god? If evolution accounts for the rise of humans, what
      role did god play if any? Why do gods resemble man? How could that be if
      man is only at most 6 million years old.

      Why does god sound like a father or mother in most cultures? Is it not a
      human quality to listen to requests (i.e.. prayers)? Why does the belief in
      god persist after the preoperational stage? At the next stage, the primary,
      children can distinguish empirical reality from fantasy.

      Why would anyone think that a god came 2K years ago? Why not at other
      times? Why as a man? Why as a Jew?

      My Best,

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      Assistant Clinical Professor

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