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27837Re: Dawkins on Science and Atheism

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  • Tom Clark
    Oct 31, 2003
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      Paul Gross wrote:

      < All [Dawkins] says is that good science indicates, to HIS OWN
      satisfaction, and presumably to that of others who study the science
      honestly, that atheism is a better shot at how things are in reality
      than any currently enjoyed form of theism, deism, or "agnosticism." >

      Science done right, and taken as one's preferred epistemology, leads
      to naturalism, since by virtue of its explanations it tends to place
      everything in its purview into a single, natural world. So it's
      difficult, maybe impossible, to get to God (construed as something
      supernatural) using just science, despite what some IDers are fond
      of claiming. Note that honest science doesn't *presume* naturalism,
      rather it *leads* to naturalism. While science can't categorically
      prove God doesn't exist, those who find themselves committed to it
      as a way of ascertaining what likely does exist will be led to
      atheism. For more on this, see "Why science can't get us to God" at
      http://www.naturalism.org/science.htm .

      Tom Clark
      Center for Naturalism
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