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2717[evol-psych] Toy Domain Evolution

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  • H. Mark Hubey
    Jan 31, 2000
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      There is something that those who study evolution can have
      lots of fun with. Typically, complex things are studied first
      in simple ways, or using very simple idealized, toy models.
      For example, the ideal gas equations of thermodynamics is
      used to explain the behavior of compressible fluids when
      various parameters are changed.

      There is a new game, a game of fighting of robots. There one
      can various strategies used by the designers, some offensive
      some defensive. It could be the toy-domain model of evolution
      that students might really enjoy. It would also help teachers
      immensely. Info can be found at www.battlebots.com.

      In my neighborhood the competetion is being broadcast on

      Regards, Mark