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24099Re: [evol-psych] Re: Suicide terrorism revisited

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  • Aleks Jakulin
    Apr 1, 2003
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      From: "Jeremy Bowman" <bowman@...>
      > -- OK, in that case I'll have to weaken my original claim. I accept that
      > there isn't a strict connection between suicide and benefit to siblings, in
      > the sense that not every suicide actually benefits kin. But I'd maintain
      > that suicidal behaviour among the childless was probably selected for
      > because of benefit to siblings (and other close kin).

      By now, there have been several explanations, and I'll try to summarize them in
      - Mental plasticity allows us to accept both fitness-increasing memes and
      fitness-decreasing memes (ideology, religion)
      - Obedience (authority)
      - Retaliatiative behavior (anger)
      - (in the context of war): In the past, soldiers on one side were usually kin.
      Selfless behavior for the best of the team is fitness-increasing, if the team is
      kin (esprit de corps, denial of danger)

      and finally:
      - Rational cost-benefit calculations (for which we have seen a lot of evidence

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