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1870[evol-psych] Re: Iq" genetic or environmental?

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  • PRGHOME@aol.com
    Dec 3, 1999
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      In a message dated 12/3/99 5:09:37 AM Eastern Standard Time, pkabai@...

      > Of course we all know, that the
      > colour of our eyes is pretty much controlled by our genes. We would know
      > that, even if there was no variation in eye colour, because we know
      > precisely
      > how the specific genes act. Learning about the action of the genes give a
      > clue to the mechanism, while heritability estimates are purely descriptive.
      > There is hope (or worry) that combining neurobiology and genetic data the
      > normal variation in IQ will be explained on the level of mechanism.


      The only change needed, it seems to me, in this admirably succinct statement
      of the way things are,* is in the last sentence. It would represent the state
      of the game slightly better if it read "There is EVERY REASON NOW TO hope
      (or worry)..."

      *On The Way Things Are, see my obituary for T. Kuhn (and reply to R. Rorty,
      et al.) in HIstory of the Human Sciences 10(1):125-28 (Feb.1997)
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