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1856[evol-psych] Re: Iq" genetic or environmental?

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  • H. M. Hubey
    Dec 2, 1999
      Mark Macnair wrote:

      > I know of no quantitative genetic model that would say
      > IQ=G*E.

      Great. I know that too. Isn't that a shame?

      The standard model is additive:
      > P=A+D+E+G*E+I etc

      Yes, that is also the model seen in the literature. That
      is also shameful.

      > where P is the phenotype (IQ in this case) , A is the
      > Additive genetic effect, and D the non-additive effect (ie
      > dominance); E is the effect of the environment. G*E is not
      > a multiplicative function, but a statistical inteaction, as
      > are gene x gene interactions (I).

      I guess explanation of why it has to be multiplicative is
      not sufficient. Perhaps someone can explain why it has to
      be additive.

      Or is the reasoning like this: it is additive because X
      did it this way N years ago and we have all been following
      in his footsteps because we don't see why it should be
      additive or multiplicative, and we don't use probability
      theory or logic (crisp or logic).

      M. Hubey
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