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1821[evol-psych] Re: Iq" genetic or environmental?

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  • Gordon M. Burghardt
    Nov 30, 1999
      A cute example that misses the point. Certainly the width and length can
      vary themselves and thus the area can vary if, as we know, IQs can vary.
      If length is genetics and width environment then the contribution of each
      to the variance in IQ or any trait can, theoretically at least, be
      determined. All this example illustrates is that both are necessary, not a
      profound point, but one used to "prove" that instincts did not exist (and
      why Hebb developed this argument in his 1953 paper to begin with).

      Gordon Burghardt

      At 01:36 PM 11/30/99 -0500, Fredric Weizmann wrote:
      >Donald Hebb made essentially this same argument years ago. He said to
      >argue whether genetics or environments are more important in determining
      >IQ is like arguing whether the length or width is more important in
      >determining the area of a rectangle.

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