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17965Re: [evol-psych] Did Early Interest in Eating Meat

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  • Frans de Waal
    Mar 31, 2002
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      For this discussion on primate sociality, please, read:

      van Schaik, C. P., & van Hooff, J. A. R. A. M. (1983). On the ultimate
      causes of primate social systems. Behaviour 85: 91-117.

      This paper claims that, apart from food distribution, anti-predator
      defense is a main cause of primate group living. For example, groups
      of the same macaque species under conditions with or without predator
      pressure show noticeable differences in group size (larger groups when
      there are predators around).

      As for meat-eating, see the writings of C. Boesch and C. Stanford.
      Both, especially Stanford, claim a heavy reliance by chimpanzees on
      meat, which is a clumped but sharable (and shared) resource.

      For discussions of the role of meat in human evolution see chapters by
      C. Stanford and R. Wrangham in "Tree of Origin" (Harvard University
      Press, 2001).

      Hope this helps,

      -- Frans de Waal
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