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16213Fatherhood is bad for sex life and makes men fat - study

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  • Maria Guzman
    Dec 31, 2001
      >A study of first-time fathers shows men have less sex than they expect after
      >their baby is born.
      >It also shows they put on weight and exercise less.
      >Around 60% say they had sex twice a week before the pregnancy but this fell to
      >26% by the time the baby was one.

      I just had to pitch in here. OF COURSE men have less sex after the baby is
      born. What DID they expect? It's a temporary thing normally, but there's
      no way a woman can act the role of mother/nurturer and sex-goddess
      simultaneously and whole-heartedly. Usually after childbirth any desire
      for sex is nil. The body has to repair itself. And the men can't
      understand this? Desire slowly returns, but fatigue and lost sleep can
      interfere mightily.
      However during the pregnancy itself, often a woman's hormones are in
      overdrive and she becomes...shall we say, insatiable. At least that is the
      experience of some :-)

      >"Men can be particularly vulnerable at this time, with few support networks
      >compared to women," she said.
      >She adds men can be overlooked, with the woman getting the majority of
      >attention from health professionals.

      I must admit I have little sympathy or patience with such men. A woman
      needs a real mensch at such a time, not a second baby. We are a
      self-involved, navel-watching society, needing a crutch - known as an
      'expert' or a 'health professional' to advise us about the simplest acts.
      Mothering is handled very well by the animals; why is it such a mystery to
      modern western women? Not to mention the thumb-sucking males?

      I know and expect the diatribes I shall receive in response. I would
      expect nothing else.

      Maria Guzman
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