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149727Re: [evol-psych] Researchers suggest Victorian-era people more intelligent modern-day counterparts [2 Attachments]

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  • Peter
    May 18, 2013
      On 18/05/13 09:10, Anna wrote:
      > [Attachment(s) <#TopText> from Anna included below]
      > <They back up their claim by suggesting they know the reason for the
      > decline in intelligenceĀ—smarter people having fewer children, while the
      > less smart, have more.>
      > Nonsense! Queen Victoria had 9 children!!!
      > Anna

      And had most of her male descendants circumcised, convinced to do so by
      Disraeli, who managed to sell her the idea, that the British Royal
      Family was one of lost tribes of Israel.

      What won Queen Victoria over, to altering what evolution had designed,
      was her first born son, the Prince of Wales, who was a notorious rake.
      Having bought this idea from Disraeli, that circumcision tamed 'male'
      urges, this practice continued down the male line of succession, until
      it reached Prince Charles, who had had around 20,000 nerve endings
      disconnected from his limbic system, without his permission as a tiny baby.

      Diana his first wife was so horrified at the idea that a knife should be
      taken to her perfectly born son's genitals, that she rebelled against
      the whole process, I am in ignorance, as to circumcision status of
      William and Harry, but suspect that William is, and Harry is not!



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