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142845Dawkins hate development: 1976 – 1989 – 1996 - 1996 (2) (+ comments):

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  • Nils K.
    Nov 9, 2012
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      Dear All!

      I've made this overview for you:

      Dawkins hate development: 1976 – 1989 – 1996 - 1996 (2) (+ comments):

      A. Dawkins 1976: Faith means blind trust in the absence of evidence.

      B. Dawkins in 1989: Faith is a kind of mental illness.

      C. Dawkins 1996: Faith is the greatest evil of our age.

      D. Dawkins: 1996 (2): Faith is comparable to the smallpox virus but harder to eradicate.


      This claim is old, trivial, and worthless.

      This claim is totally wrong. Religion (religious faith) is a human
      instinct. Moreover, mental illness is statistically less common
      among religious people than among non-religious people. Faith is
      not listed in DSM-IV-TR.

      This claim is historicallly, statistically, and biologically
      wrong. Take behavioral biology, for example: Human evil is
      determined by several instincts: Aggression instinct, violence
      instinct, hate instinct, anger instinct, rage instinct, tribal
      instincts, tribal war instinct, etc. The religion instinct is
      in our historical times creating a lot of anti-evil effects.
      Examples: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama.

      This claim is interesting because it says more about Dawkins
      than about faith. I've earlier pointed out that Dawkins' moral
      is based on evolution and science, which is the same moral
      foundation as the National Socialists did have. Note Dawkins'
      rhetoric here: This is exactly the same rhetoric as Goebbel's
      rhetoric. The ring is closed.