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142658[evol-psych] Re: Mitt Romney Explain How Jesus Will Reign for 1,000 Years When He Returns, in Jerusalem... and Missouri

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  • clarence_sonny_williams
    Nov 6, 2012

      You forget to take into account the Democrat-induced effort to provide
      mortgages to previously unqualified people. Why should only the "rich"
      live the American dream of a single-residency in a quiet suburb? That
      appeals to the egalitarian principles driving Democrat politics, a
      principle that takes primacy over individual earning and the resulting
      disparities. Let's get everyone to share the American dream, and
      government (via Fanny Mae et al) would pave the way...whether the
      individual could afford it or not.

      Wall Street then took advantage of this build-up of unqualified
      house-owners and everything is fine...until house prices nudge down.
      When that happens, the house of cards begun by egalitarian Democrats
      falls down, quickly and with devastating results. Could regulations
      preventing the sale of mortgage bundling trading instruments have
      prevented the collapse? Possibly, but that still means you have
      forgotten the REAL driver behind the financial debacle of 2008: Democrat

      --- In evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com, "Phil Roberts, Jr."
      <philrob@...> wrote:
      > clarence_sonny_williams wrote:
      > > Yes, it will be over soon, and we must continue to muddle through
      > > whoever is elected. The very important issues that must be resolved,
      > > however, require Congressional action. The President only has veto
      > > power, and hopefully both candidates have learned from the torture
      > > closeness of this election that the American public demands that
      > > Washington begin to get along. Most of Obama's election promises
      > > and, I predict, will not be enacted. The idea of hiring more
      > > as a way to stimulate the economic (one of the more idiotic
      > > ever put forth by a candidate) is DOA. All those union teachers who
      > > want to perpetuate our deteriorating school systems because they
      > > decision-making be centralized (a tactic used by unions and
      > > environmentalists) will be disappointed if their paid hack wins.
      > As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently an Obama man because I
      > believe we are in the mess we are in because of two
      > misguided policies favored heavily by Republicans:
      > 1. Excessive deregulation (Wall Street) harkening back to the
      > Reagan years ("government is the problem") and
      > 2. A move away from tax and spend (Democrats) to borrow and
      > spend (Republicans) under the guise of "starve the beast".
      > For those who might find these arguments wanting, here is another:
      > According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the net
      increases in
      > private-sector employment under each president, chronologically by
      > Republicans
      > Richard Nixon: Increase of 7.1 million jobs
      > Gerald Ford: Increase of 1.3 million jobs
      > Ronald Reagan: Increase of 14.7 million jobs
      > George H.W. Bush: Increase of 1.5 million jobs
      > George W. Bush: Decline of 646,000 jobs
      > Total: Increase of 23.9 million jobs under Republican presidents
      > Democrats
      > John F. Kennedy: Increase of 2.7 million jobs
      > Lyndon B. Johnson: Increase of 9.5 million jobs
      > Jimmy Carter: Increase of 9.0 million jobs
      > Bill Clinton: Increase of 20.8 million jobs
      > Barack Obama: Increase of 332,000 jobs
      > Total: Increase of 42.3 million jobs.
      > PR
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