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142652Re: [evol-psych] Neuroscience reveals brain differences between Republicans and Democrats

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  • Julienne
    Nov 5, 2012
      At 08:25 AM 11/5/2012, clarence_sonny_williams wrote:
      >Well then, why in the world did you say something different????
      >You said, "Well, okay - but, Sonny, no neuroscientist is very sure yet
      >of the so-called differences between generic male and female brains."
      >Surely, your neuroscientist Son has informed you that he and 99% of his
      >peers are VERY SURE of differences between "generic male and female
      >brains" (although "normal" is a better term than "generic").

      I stand by what I said, Sonny - they are still exploring what differences
      there might be, and the extent of them. They are not all black and white
      and definitive.

      99% of anything is very tricky. :))) All neuroscientists don't necessarily
      agree on anything. :) It would be wonderful if there were one science
      where there were 99% agreement.:))

      BTW - I don't quote my son - not by name, anyway.


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