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142624Re: [evol-psych] Re: Mitt Romney Explain How Jesus Will Reign for 1,000 Years When He Returns, in Jerusalem... and Missouri

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  • Phil Roberts, Jr.
    Nov 5, 2012
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      clarence_sonny_williams wrote:
      > Yes, it will be over soon, and we must continue to muddle through
      > whoever is elected. The very important issues that must be resolved,
      > however, require Congressional action. The President only has veto
      > power, and hopefully both candidates have learned from the torture and
      > closeness of this election that the American public demands that
      > Washington begin to get along. Most of Obama's election promises cannot
      > and, I predict, will not be enacted. The idea of hiring more teachers
      > as a way to stimulate the economic (one of the more idiotic proposals
      > ever put forth by a candidate) is DOA. All those union teachers who
      > want to perpetuate our deteriorating school systems because they insist
      > decision-making be centralized (a tactic used by unions and
      > environmentalists) will be disappointed if their paid hack wins.

      As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently an Obama man because I
      believe we are in the mess we are in because of two
      misguided policies favored heavily by Republicans:

      1. Excessive deregulation (Wall Street) harkening back to the
      Reagan years ("government is the problem") and
      2. A move away from tax and spend (Democrats) to borrow and
      spend (Republicans) under the guise of "starve the beast".

      For those who might find these arguments wanting, here is another:

      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the net increases in
      private-sector employment under each president, chronologically by party:


      Richard Nixon: Increase of 7.1 million jobs
      Gerald Ford: Increase of 1.3 million jobs
      Ronald Reagan: Increase of 14.7 million jobs
      George H.W. Bush: Increase of 1.5 million jobs
      George W. Bush: Decline of 646,000 jobs

      Total: Increase of 23.9 million jobs under Republican presidents


      John F. Kennedy: Increase of 2.7 million jobs
      Lyndon B. Johnson: Increase of 9.5 million jobs
      Jimmy Carter: Increase of 9.0 million jobs
      Bill Clinton: Increase of 20.8 million jobs
      Barack Obama: Increase of 332,000 jobs

      Total: Increase of 42.3 million jobs.


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