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142611Re: Mitt Romney Explain How Jesus Will Reign for 1,000 Years When He Returns, in Jerusalem... and Missouri

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  • clarence_sonny_williams
    Nov 5, 2012
      Yes, it will be over soon, and we must continue to muddle through
      whoever is elected. The very important issues that must be resolved,
      however, require Congressional action. The President only has veto
      power, and hopefully both candidates have learned from the torture and
      closeness of this election that the American public demands that
      Washington begin to get along. Most of Obama's election promises cannot
      and, I predict, will not be enacted. The idea of hiring more teachers
      as a way to stimulate the economic (one of the more idiotic proposals
      ever put forth by a candidate) is DOA. All those union teachers who
      want to perpetuate our deteriorating school systems because they insist
      decision-making be centralized (a tactic used by unions and
      environmentalists) will be disappointed if their paid hack wins.

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      > Maarten,
      > Yes, we are electing a new "administration," a turnover in the
      > branch of government. Nonetheless, my reference to the
      > Constitutionally-mandated secular operation applies to not only all 3
      > branches of the federal government, but to every single governmental
      > entity from school districts to the Presidency.
      > As you will learn when the votes are counted, it is incorrect to say
      > that the "vast majority" of Americans mistrust Romney, that they
      > he lies more than Obama. The populace is split right down the middle.
      > Yes, sadly, all politicians lie, or rather free themselves from
      > commitments once elected.
      > Yes, I trust Romney more than Obama to handle the unexpected. His
      > experience vastly outweighs Obama's, whose experience is limited to
      > social work at the street level...and in Chicago of all places. I
      > lived and worked there, and it is a real viper pit.
      > RKS:
      > It is interesting that you would count only Obama's experience when he
      ran for the presidency the first time. He now has four years experience
      of running the country as president so, as far as experience goes, a
      sitting president always has more experience than a candidate who has
      never been part of a presidential administration in any capacity.
      > I note also that Mitt Romney was passed over in favour of Sarah Palin
      as the vice presidential running mate in the last presidential election,
      which seems to indicate how much confidence the Republican party
      hierarchy had in him at that time...
      > It will be all over in a couple of days, thank goodness :) (I hope
      you Americans are happy with your choice regardless of whom you choose
      > Robert
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