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142606Re: [evol-psych] Re: Life after death: Dr Stuart Hameroff

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  • Julienne
    Nov 5, 2012
      At 11:40 AM 11/3/2012, Don Zimmerman wrote:
      >--- In evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com, Wade <wmaillist@...> wrote:
      > > That intelligent men of the calibre of Penrose can believe such fantasy
      > > twaddle astounds me. That Nils laps it up comes as no surprise whatsoever
      > > sadly.
      >All reports of miraculous events can be subjected to a simple test
      >suggested originally, I believe, by David Hume. You first assess the
      >likelihood that the remarkabe event actually occurred, which usually
      >would mean that basic laws of physics involving gravitation,
      >momentum, etc., were violated. Next, you assess the likelihood that
      >the event did not occur, that is, that the report was inaccurate or
      >fraudulent, the reporter was self-serving, running a scam, insane, whatever.
      >Almost without exception the second probability would exceed the
      >first. A similar principle might be applied to a report such as the
      >present case. What is the probability that Penrose actually believes
      >this fantasy? And what is the probability that the report about
      >Penrose believing it is inaccurate? Assessing probabilities no doubt
      >is difficult, but I know where my bet lies!

      What if we lived centuries ago, and talked about stones falling from
      the sky? Or flying? Or computers?

      What if we just don't know yet what the laws involved are?


      The selection of a Republican candidate for the presidency of this
      globalized and expansive empire is - and I say this seriously - the
      greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance that has ever been.
      Fidel Castro. January 2012
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