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142581Re: [evol-psych]Mitt Romney Explain How Jesus Will Reign for 1,000 Years When He Returns, in Jerusalem... and Missouri

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  • Julienne
    Nov 4, 2012
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      At 07:27 AM 11/3/2012, clarence_sonny_williams wrote:
      >Absolutely, Mormonism entails bizarre beliefs. Doesn't all religion
      >entail such bizarre beliefs? That is why the U.S. Constitution affords
      >us the greatest protection from religious beliefs. Governments at all
      >levels must be perfectly secular. The U.S. Constitution affords far
      >less protection from governments doing things against our wishes
      >vis-a-vis "interstate commerce" and other economic affairs. That is why
      >one's vote should be cast for the administration you believe is taking
      >the correct course from an economic standpoint, not from some silly
      >notion of whose religion you least like.

      Not so much.

      Religion intrudes on every area of our lives in the U>S., and is established
      there. "In God We Trust". beginning every political event with thanks to God,
      "God bless the USA" at the end of every speech - it's everywhere.

      And below: even the IRS isn't maintaining the separation:

      Religion And Politics: IRS Not Enforcing Rules On Separation Of
      Church And State

      AP | By RACHEL ZOLL Posted: 11/03/2012 1:53 pm EDT Updated:
      11/04/2012 11:19 am EST


      >--- In evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com, "Anna" <pantheon@...>
      > >
      > > Watch Mitt Romney Explain How Jesus Will Reign for 1,000 Years When He
      >Returns, in Jerusalem... and Missouri
      > > Video emerges of Romney citing the thinking of a wildly fringe
      >conspiracy theorist and his belief in the strange intricacies of the
      >Mormon faith.
      > > November 2, 2012 | Watch Mitt Romney get in a heated exchange with a
      >radio host from a radio interview in 2008 about where Jesus will reign
      >and rule over the Earth for 1,000 years -- in Jerusalem and Missouri.
      >Romney displays deep familiarity with the thinking of a Mormon
      >hermit-conspiracy theorist Cleon Skousen, who was also Glenn Beck's
      >great inspiration.

      The selection of a Republican candidate for the presidency of this
      globalized and expansive empire is - and I say this seriously - the
      greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance that has ever been.
      Fidel Castro. January 2012
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