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142264Re: [evol-psych] The neurological basis of g

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  • jacob mack
    Oct 29 10:53 AM
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       Thank you and also I need to correct a minor typo meant to say >= 80%:) is not shown to be so.

      From: clarence_sonny_williams <clarencew@...>
      To: evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 8:40 AM
      Subject: Re: [evol-psych] The neurological basis of g


      Yes, you have done very well in establishing your case and providing
      scientific evidence.

      Many of the rest of us have done so as well, but Hibbsa/Brad feels like
      he must assume the role of gadfly and forever ask the same thing. Just
      swat him away like you do all the other annoying insects by telling him
      to read your previous posts wherein you provided evidence to contradict
      the absolutely inane blathering of RAF and Bee.

      --- In evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com, jacob mack <jcbmack@...>
      > I submitted the links to contradictory data already and I discussed
      some of the flaws of the research that states genes have such a high %
      involvement in intelligence levels. There are of course many others.
      <=80% intelligence is far too high in a representative sample is just
      plain false.
      > ________________________________
      > From: hibbsa hibbsa@...
      > To: evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 3:39 PM
      > Subject: Re: [evol-psych] The neurological basis of g
      > >1.) Analyze data that shows a contradiction to the findings that Bee
      and perhaps, you seem to support.
      > It would really help move things on, if you were to provideÂ
      the contradictory data. Then I will join you in challenging Bee to
      explain whether it has been dealt with and if not why not. And I'm sure
      Bee won't mind in the least being challenged with actual data. So
      let's go to the next stage with you providing the contradictory
      data? Â

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