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142247[evol-psych] Re: "pheromones in context"

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  • hibbsa
    Oct 29, 2012
      It is you who wants to play silly buggers with names. If you ask Robert to ban me then don't forget to ask him to ban you as well, for addressing me as Brad,
      Rgds, Sonny

      --- In evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com, "clarence_sonny_williams" <clarencew@...> wrote:
      > Brad,
      > I would appreciate it if you stopped adding, "Rgds, Sonny" to the end of
      > your poss. That makes it sound as if you are quoting me, and I will
      > ask Robert to ban you from the group (I can at least ask) if you do not
      > stop.
      > You can add all the cute insults about me that you care to, but this
      > form of insult (or whatever you intend) is inappropriate.
      > Incidentally, science is not about proof.
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