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142244Re: [evol-psych] Re: France Free Abortion Bill

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  • Peter
    Oct 29, 2012
      On 29/10/12 11:27, Anna wrote:
      > Simple. A government does not have its own money. So, how does a
      > government get the money? Out of thin air? Certainly not.
      > The money are taxes forced on population. Nothing is free and it is
      > people who pay for abortion, whether they want it or not.
      > I am pro abortion. But I also think that abortion should be only
      > subsidized in case of rape or extreme poverty.
      > Anna

      The story I read was, JFK wanted the US government to have it's own
      money, all you need is a printing press with inbuilt safeguards to
      prevent counterfeiting and the government can print as much money as

      He ended up dead, go figure.

      A big clue to the whole affair, was the person in charge of the
      investigation of his assassination, was none other than J. Edgar Hoover.

      The biggest fiction is, when people say things cost money, no, things
      cost work, but the people who say things cost money, would rather
      someone else did the work.


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