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12005Re: [evol-psych] Mirror Tests Reflect Dolphins' Intelligence

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  • Andy Lock
    May 1, 2001
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      At 06:33 AM 1/05/01 +0100, Ian Pitchford wrote:
      >Monday April 30 8:27 PM ET
      >Study: Dolphins See Own Reflections
      >By PAUL RECER, AP Science Writer
      >WASHINGTON (AP) - Bottlenose dolphins can recognize themselves in a
      mirror, an
      >advanced intellectual ability observed previously only in humans and apes, a
      >study finds.

      Interesting. Purely anecdotally, when I tried setting up experimental work
      with dolphins in the early 70s, mirrors were the only things (other than
      cattle-prods - which somebody else was responsible for using on them) that
      got the 3 I knew really annoyed. Our then on-the-fly rationalisation was
      that this was because we had shown them 'ghosts': their sonar told them it
      was a wall; their vision gave them an image.

      However, it was intuitively clear that there was 'someone in there', more
      dramatically clear than in my concurrent and subsequent face-to-face
      dealings with orangs, gorillas and Kanzi, Panbaneesha, et al. So,
      intuitively, they may well be able to do this. From an evolutionary
      perspective, why the heck c/would they have built the machinery to
      underwrite it?

      Andy Lock
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