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115769[evol-psych] Re: Zero Tolerance: Trump, Schwarzenegger, and Strauss-Kahn

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  • Don Zimmerman
    May 31, 2011
      --- In evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com, Edgar Owen <edgarowen@...> wrote:

      > No shoes or vaccinations is technology which is expected to advance to improve people's lives. That's totally different from the natural biological roles of man and woman which are evolved characteristics from the EEA. They are part and parcel of what human nature is. Of course one can forcibly change these roles but not without serious social consequences....
      > You are comparing apples and oranges...

      There is nothing biologically natural or genetic about being the so-called head of a family. The family unit and a role of leadership and decision-making are social constructions that came into existence after human cognition had already reached an advanced state. In the modern world it would be highly inefficient to have an ironclad rule as to which spouse automatically dominates and controls all matters within a family. You might say that "leadership ability" varies greatly from one individual of either gender to another and from one kind of situation and problem to another, and making it depend on gender alone would lead to ruinous waste.

      Best regards,

      Donald W. Zimmerman
      Vancouver, BC, Canada
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