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101943RE: [evol-psych] Human Nature: normal and natural between-group behaviour

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  • Steve Corsini
    Feb 1, 2010
      Ed, I was commenting on the original post by the original post by Donald W , posted Monday 01 March 2010 (received 3:57pm) --- In evolutionary- psychology@ yahoogroups. com, "ED" <seacrofter001@ ...> wrote:

      > As you may note I was
      referring to phenomenal political power. See
      > <excerpt> further

      Still, the problem is not so much what ethnic group has power, corporate or political, as the extent of the power and influence that any group with special interests can attain. I would love to be able to exclude all those extreme right-wing conservatives and Bible thumpers with their phenomenal political power with their excessive influence on the political process in the USA. That's where the real trouble lies. But in a democracy there is not much that can be done about it except at the ballot box.

      Best regards,

      Donald W. Zimmerman
      Vancouver, BC, Canada
      dwzimm@telus. net
      http://mypage. direct.ca/ z/zimmerma/ index.html

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