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101942RE: [evil-psych] Human Nature: normal and natural between-group behaviour

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  • Steve Corsini
    Feb 1, 2010
      Ed, another minus.

      The restriction of personal freedom, in the name of greater Security, and
      the acceptance of it by the majority.


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      Sad but true in light of the following score card:

      Ask yourself just what have been the pluses and minus of the vast US
      support of an oppressive Israeli government including supplying nearly all
      the very weapons used to carry out that oppression?

      Minuses to the US:

      The undying hatred of millions upon millions of Muslims throughout the
      world which has led to a whole list of successful Islamist attacks against
      the US from the Beirut Marine Barracks to the USS Cole, the African embassy
      bombings and 9/11.

      The deaths of thousands of US soldiers and civilians in Iraq and

      Billions upon hundreds of billions in additional taxpayer money used to conduct these wars and protect ourselves against further attacks.

      The threat of possible conflict with Iran with all the consequences to the US oil supply that would have.

      The additional huge US aid to countries like Egypt to buy them off on Israel's behalf.

      The threat of ever more dangerous and wide spread conflict of Islam
      against the west in the future.

      The enormous loss of world wide credibility of the US which applies one standard to Israel and an opposite one to Islamic countries.

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